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21 October 2013 @ 11:41 pm
7. Narnia : The Wardrobe  
NC-17; EunHae;
There was a tale crafted of worlds hidden behind heavy fur cloaks and wood. It doesn't have anything to do with this story. This is denial. At its finest and at its worst.

0. Prologue
1. The Wardrobe

A/N: Here's to my non-existent attention span. Driftwood is adrift out in the Pacific and I have only written the bits that I wanted to write, I'm so sorry. I am not sad enough to write that.Maybe when I want to drink the liters of chloroform in the lab again, I'd be inclined to go somewhere with that story so while everyone waits or not, have some semi- to almost-full pornication. Which is much better than wanting to drink Chloroform.

It's 10 P.M. and the sound of tires, people--Life--are still loud even far up in the high-rise condominium. Donghae knew as much as he had known that he was willing and ready to give up as much for Hyukjae as he knows the other can--that he is in love with Hyukjae. In that moment, he knows that this will be the singular experience that can define him.

The click of the lock is as loud as the thudding of his heart, their footfalls muted until they reached the recliner and Hyukjae looks at him with reassuring eyes. he has been with Hyukjae for long enough to know that he will be safe, fairly safe.

"How do we--" And then the lips. It was chaste and soft and sweet and...non-invasive. He pulls away as fast as he has met Donghae's mouth to give him chance to run. Donghae captures his lips again and prolongs contact, the trickling of desire spreading from his center to his fingertips. "I've never done this before," He confesses as they break apart. The corner of Hyukjae's lips quirk upwards and he shakes his head, "It's not important, Hae," and he could not think of anything else of importance as Hyukjae's lips come back and press against his.

There is something to be said about "being in the closet". For Donghae, it meant literally being in the closet. Especially when he is huddled against the wall of a certain Lee Hyukjae's walk-in closet, the rest of his body trying to find balance when air is being squeezed out between his ears and fleshy lips are pressed insistently against his.


His mind is screaming at him of his heterosexuality, he tries to focus on his memories of his last ex-girlfriend but only remembers Hyukjae's disapproving face as he stumbles to his doorstep, too drunk and rapping at the door at 50 knocks per minute all the while wailing that she cheated and he's never felt so betrayed. He does not remember how he caught them but remembers how he was rubbing his face against Hyukjae's carpet and then a resigned sigh from his best friend before being heaved up and led inside.

That night, not even the cold shower on full blast in the middle of winter was enough to get him out of his stupor. Sluggishly, Hyukjae had stripped and dressed him, tossed and tucked him to bed. Through his beer goggle vision, he whined when Hyukjae began to straighten up to sleep somewhere else. "Don't leave me too," and as always, Hyukjae bent to his will, his body curling up around Donghae as if a barricade from the world and the heartache it promised.

"Pay attention, Donghae," Hyukjae says softly as he breaks away, breathing heavy and Donghae starry-eyed and out of focus. "I--This--We--" He is incoherent as his mind screams some more. This was his best friend. Bursting the fire extinguisher during the hot summers, sharing showers and towel-snapping in the locker rooms and both reading the latest Playboy magazine under their blankets. I can't be gay!

They were no longer hormone-ridden teens wanting swift release, they were on the cusp of adulthood, discovery  at their fingertips and control spiraling out of their hold. So Donghae lets him. He had the gall to proposition Hyukjae--as friends--because who better to compare such intimate notes with, right? He wondered out loud, Hyukjae hummed in veiled interest and then the words were spilling forth from his mouth, his eyes trained on the cracks on the floor, ignoring the sudden nervous twitch in his hands until Hyukjae replies with an airy "Sure," and his face crinkles into a smile.

So tonight, in Hyukjae's spacious walk-in closet, the Diptyque candles are lit, french cafe music playing in the background and Donghae is baffled at first because naturally no man would actually go through this kind of gesture, right? But he was wholly mistaken so it seems. Unless Hyukjae dresses himself in this sensual ambiance. Maybe he did, his best friend seemed the type to absorb this kind of energy and walk out the door with the oozing self-assurance.

They've just started kissing and try as Donghae might to keep it under the pretenses of experimentation...he can't. He's scared--terrified, even. In this hetero-normative society, he was programmed to think about raising a family with a woman of his choice after giving a heart-stopping proposal and a beautiful wedding. When prompted to talk about future plans, Hyukjae would always tell them that it was he who had his whole plan mapped out and the only thing missing was the girl. Donghae realizes Hyukjae had never answered those kinds of questions.


That's what his life is about, now that he realizes it. Now that the roar of desire is loud and rushing through his system with a very manly body pressed intimately against his. He's had "girlfriends", arm candies that men do a double take and congratulate him for luring using his handsome face and innocence. They fall for his first awkward approach that grows confident and sure with every encounter, his eyes conveying as much sincerity as he can. Except...except he never really wanted girls. He's always had an eye for men that he constantly denies. It was easy to know what the girls wanted--pamper them, empower them, make them feel wanted and beautiful, proper foreplay, entry, orgasm, cuddle and don't leave too early or too late, if you're staying maybe coffee and breakfast would be nice. Donghae enjoyed it but was always left wondering how it would be with another male who knows exactly what he wants when he palms an erect cock or swirls his tongue at the weeping tip.

But now he's here, Hyukjae hovering above him and divesting him of clothing, his kisses slowly moving downwards and he is helpless. Nearly naked, Donghae knows whats going to happen and a warm hand palms his covered flesh... it's all too fast!! He gasps and Hyukjae looks up at him and withdraws. "Too fast?" He nods slightly but takes Hyukjae by the wrist and brings it back, signaling him that too fast was better than not moving at all.

Hyukjae's hand slows to a feather-light caress and Donghae exhales. Looking down and seeing Hyukjae's face recessed by the lighting in the room and the eager desire written across his face, Donghae feels relief and the overwhelming crash of love wash over him. Hell, he's kidding himself if he denies his love for Hyukjae. He's always been in love with Hyukjae. "Hyuk, I've never done this before," He blurts out and to which Hyukjae chuckles before moving up to kiss his neck, the fabric of his clothes brushing against Donghae, goosebumps forming on his skin.

"I know you've done this before but I haven't--I can't--will I be good--" Hyukjae pulls away from painting rainbows on Donghae's collarbones and gives the other man an intense gaze, "I'm doing this with you now, Hae--doing this to you--and it already feels good to me," Donghae groans when it was punctuated with obvious rubbing of their hips.

Fuck everything. He grabs Hyukjae's ass and gingerly pressed him down to feel him some more. A throaty moan escapes from his best friend's lips and Donghae thinks he can do this. It's not exactly hard--except for that part of him that was--because this was Hyukjae. He'd cross Hell and back and he won't ever leave Donghae. This was Hyukjae.

And it was all that mattered in that moment.

Six hours later, Donghae jerks awake, feeling the heaviness on his side as he contemplates what transpired earlier that night. He knew exactly how it was going to happen, Hyukjae had humored him into listing out what he was going to do and perform them he did--and so fantastically done. Or because he doesn't exactly have a basis of what was great or not. Who cares.

He loved every single forbidden minute.


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Yeppo Han Yojahyuk4hae on October 23rd, 2013 06:21 am (UTC)
Welcome to the closet hae~a ... ㅋㅋㅋ
Just stop your denial n be with hyuk.

can I request a lil angsty n fluffy, n lots of make love scene. Note: make love ... not smut ~ hohoho

thank혁 authornim ♥♥♥
bioticengineerbioticengineer on October 24th, 2013 02:55 am (UTC)
HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA You are the cutest!

Hopefully as this story progresses, we'll get a lot of those things you requested. And you are smart to specify not smut but love-making LMAOOOOOOO

Thanks! ♥♥♥
fishbowlasian3imposter on October 24th, 2013 01:24 pm (UTC)
Hopefully hae won't back down now that he's pretty much out of the closet!!
And hopefully hyuk will fight for him!!

I sense this will get angsty though...which I'll be looking forward to as long as no one dies!!XD
Anyway, I LUURVED this chapter!! looking forward to MOAR!! :)
bioticengineerbioticengineer on October 25th, 2013 06:47 am (UTC)
HAHA really? calling me out to not kill them? I C WUT U DID DURRRR

Thanks! :D
jewelf_13jewelf_13 on November 2nd, 2013 01:42 am (UTC)
em...who actually tops anyway??hahaha
bioticengineerbioticengineer on November 30th, 2013 06:38 pm (UTC)
uh...Hyukjae? Is this a trick question because LOL
sailormoonsabersailormoonsaber on March 26th, 2014 07:50 am (UTC)
i love the way you wrote this.
bioticengineerbioticengineer on March 26th, 2014 08:11 am (UTC)
Thank you! ^^
bioticengineerbioticengineer on April 3rd, 2014 08:14 am (UTC)
Thank you ^^